Lowe Organic Zinfandel 2012

An Aussie zinfandel.  Now, you don't see too many of those.  It's the same variety used in Primitivo in southern Italy.  I recall from my earlier WSET studies being presented with archetypal zinfandels from the Napa Valley - 17%abv and full of spiky chocolate and raisins.  Too much.  Then while over in North America, I tried a few, and my conclusion was very different.  A couple of zinfandels from Caymus Vineyards in the Napa Valley in particular had a balance and texture that I was very impressed with (see the 2012 and 2011 reviews).  The Napa Valley producers seem able to get a texture into their tannins that I don't see so much here.

This particular zinfandel is a really good one from Lowe in Mudgee.  The alcohol has been pared right back to 13.1%abv, which is quite unzin, but works here.  It has aromatics of chocolate, licorice and currants.  The palate has long length, is not quite full bodied and has a lovely balance to it.  Fresh for a zinfandel, this is an enjoyable release.

Rating: Very Good
Abv: 13.1%
Price: $75
Source: sample
Vendors and website: http://www.lowewine.com.au
Tasted: 2016

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