More on Prosecco

Another article appeared this week with some strong words on the subject of the term Prosecco being used in other countries.  The president of the Prosecco DOC Consortium is quoted in the Drinks Business as saying:
“Many imitators are jumping on the Prosecco bandwagon. Imposters marketing themselves as Prosecco are being produced all around the world, from Australia to Brazil... Any bottle that says Prosecco on the label must be produced in approved designated growing regions according to the strict standards of the Prosecco DOC and Prosecco DOCG Consortia."
I am not sure too many producers would like to be described as imposters or imitators, particularly ones with quality aspirations.  But then again, the issue is a bit more nuanced than this in an Australian context as can be seen in my previous post (see The Prosecco Debate).  I might have to look at a few retail shelves to see how Australian prosecco is positioned vis-à-vis those from the Italian region.  Now there's an excuse to browse wines that I haven't tried before!

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