A few wine apps

I've decided to give three wine apps a go over the next month or so.  The first is Vivino which looks pretty clever and useable at first glance.  A sort of cross between Facebook, Strava and Wine-Searcher on first impressions  The second is Winosphere which is an Australian app, and looks to be a cross between Winefront, Twitter and Wine-Searcher.  The third is CellarTracker which seems more cellar inventory and US focussed.  I suspect it unlikely I will feel a desire to inventory my cellar anytime soon and start logging "ins" and "outs" which seems rather distinctly unfun.  But an inner accountant may emerge yet.
Wine Thoughts
September 25, 2015


Zardoz said…
Vivino is a winner for sure. The camera feature can parse most of the Oz wine labels I've thrown at it, and they are in the database. There's enough of a user base here to provide reviews for them too. The only downside, and I'm sure that it is common to all these crowd-sourced review systems, is that the same wine ends up in their system under multiple entries, each with its own set of reviews. One of my standard quaffers - Saltram's Pepperjack - is there at least twice, "Saltam" "Pepperjack"... and probably a couple of others as well.

Oh and on this subject, anybody with an interest in craft/microbrewery beers should try "Beer Citizen". It seems to have all the tasty Oz microbreweries in it. VB, not so much :-)
Sean Mitchell said…
I'd have to agree with you so far: Vivino is looking good. Just found the same issue you found too i.e. same wines showing up under 5 different spellings. A job for an algorithm maybe, or a curator. Cheers for the microbrewery tips :)

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