Sauternes and low prices

Much like the seasons, the comparatively low price of Sauternes returns to be discussed year after year.  This time in The Drinks Business it is Alexandre de Lur-Saluces reportedly writing to n├ęgociants that the lesser quality of the reds in 2013 was driving down already low Sauternes prices, with more or less no movements in price for 15 years.  There seems some truth in this.  The Sauternes style is underrated, it does cost a lot to produce each wine which is probably under appreciated and the occasions to drink it are fewer.  That said, I won't man the stockades for higher prices as a consumer.  It may be unfashionable now, but fashions always change - witness: sherry and apple cider, and if they don't well, that says something too.  Someone, somewhere is probably planning "Bar Botrytis" as I type.

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