With some notable exceptions, BYO is a tradition that seems to me from another time in local high end restaurants.  That suits me as I like variety and reading wine lists.  A big exception to the non BYO rule is that a number of local restaurants are kind enough to permit wine lunches and dinners among like minded people where flights of wine are being tasted.  The BYO corollary - a corkage charge - tends to go with the territory.

It was interesting in this context to read reports in the US earlier in the week that the famous restaurant The French Laundry is now charging $150 a bottle for corkage.  Presumably to discourage BYO.  Or perhaps goodwill.  Here's a link to a good article.  I rather suspect that our best BYO accepting restaurants will be uncompetitive in this arena.  For what it's worth, the ever good France Soir has a particularly friendly BYO policy considering their extraordinary list.  I am sure there are others.

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