Offsite storage

The cupboard is largely bare now, barring an eclectic collection of undrunk ros├ęs forlornly waiting for summer to return, opened fortifieds from my WSET diploma fortified exam a couple of years ago now that are surely irredeemably oxidised, and some odds and ends whites, being mostly a random walk in chardonnay.  Perhaps the Madeiras are still good ... This is the difficulty, I see, with my temporary arrangement with offsite storage.  I am hoping some reds arrive in the mail as the nights get cooler.


  1. Should have started investing in reds sooner. I normally use Pinot to transition through autumn eating as much mushroom and duck as the wife will let me.

  2. Well, that is a very sensible way of managing things and is rather what I should have done :) Stay away from those Canberra mushrooms though :/