St. Stephan's Crown 5 Puttonyos Tokaji Aszu 2005

I haven't tried a Tokaji Aszu for years - since living in London really.  This is probably because (a) I don't drink that much sweet wine and (b) the local Australian versions or Sauternes usually fit the bill.  But it is a classic style of the wine world, and of Hungary in particular, and it is worth a look for something different.  For those unfamiliar with the style, the reference to Aszu is a reference to a botrytis affected style, and the grape used is mostly the furmint.  The number of Puttonyos has a linear relationship with the grams per litre of residual sugar in the wine.  5 Puttonyos, as in this case, corresponds to approximately 120g/l of residual sugar.

What then of the wine, you say.  It is golden in colour, with an orange tinge and a pale intensity of expression.  The aroma is clean, with pronounced intensity notes of honey, caramel, butterscotch, brown sugar and orange blossom.  It is developing.  The palate is sweet with medium-high acidity, medium body, and similar butterscotch, honey and caramel flavours, together with some dried apricots, set to medium length.  This is a good example of the style.  Good to Very Good

Abv: 11.5%
Price: mid $40s
Vendors: check Wine Searcher
Website: n/a
Tasted: July 2012

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Tokaji Aszu

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