Cockburn's Special Reserve Port

Cockburn has changed hands a few times over the years, but since 2010, finds itself part of the quality minded Symington family group of companies.  Cockburn's Special Reserve Port has long been Cockburn's most important brand.  Its style - a reserve ruby Port - is crafted as something better than a "ruby" port which is the simplest and least expensive style of Port, to be a wine with a bit more colour,
depth and interest.

The wine itself is clear rather than bright, with a medium intensity hue of ruby in colour, and noticeable tears in the glass.  Its aroma speaks of its hot Portuguese origins - baked raisins, baked plums, Christmas cake and sweet spice are all present.  On the palate, this fortified style of wine is sweet, with medium acidity, a full body, medium length (perhaps a bit longer) and medium intensity flavours of raisins, currants, baked plums and dried earth.

I suspect that many in the Gen X and Gen Y demographic in the Australian market aren't particularly familiar with Port wines, and if they are, have probably dabbled more with the more expensive vintage Ports or perhaps tawnys, rather than the other blends.  Cockburn's Special Reserve Port is a well made and well priced and hearty Port wine that has the advantage that it can be consumed immediately without committing infanticide.  It thus appears as a smart choice on the quality versus price spectrum.  Good to Very Good

Abv: 20%
Price: $24.99
Source: sample
August 26, 2012

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