Pfeiffer Classic Topaque

I met Jen Pfeiffer of Pfeiffer Wines while studying the fortified unit of the WSET diploma.  What Jen doesn't know about fortified wines is not readily apparent.  Pfeiffer's classic "topaque" from Rutherglen is from the artist formerly known as "tokay", and now "topaque" following an agreement between Australia and the EU.  Perversely, the Hungarian tokay bears little resemblance to the "topaque" wine style in any case, consisting a different grape variety - furmint, seeing botrytis (topaque does not) and no fortification (the topaque is fortified).

I've said previously that it might have been smarter for the Rutherglen region to have identified these wines by grape variety instead - here, the muscadelle - as I don't find the name topaque particularly informative nor catchy.  Most "non-wine" people I have spoken to have elicited the reaction "huh? really?" when I have explained the new word.  Aged for approximately 10 years, Pfeiffer's Classic Rutherglen Topaque is a stunning wine that is evocative of caramel and raisins and has really quite long length and is sweet on the palate.  A classic Rutherglen topaque in both name and classification.  95 points (outstanding)

Abv: 18%
Price: $29
Vendors: Pfeiffer Wines
Tasted: May 2012

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