Fritz's Riesling 2010

Only a fleeting glance at the label is required to reveal that this wine from the Rheinhessen in Germany is a little bit different from your average German riesling.  Gone is the difficult to decipher language of German wine law and in its place is a modern looking label and a prominent brand name.  The grapes for the wine are grown on red slate soils between the villages of Nackenheim and Nierstein, to the south of Mainz.

Bright, and a pale intensity lemon in colour, the 2010 vintage of Fritz's riesling has a medium intensity and youthful aroma of citrus, slate and spices.  The palate is dry - not bone dry - but dry nonetheless, has typical high acidity, and is a medium bodied expression of riesling with quite exotic aromatics, including notes of paw paw, tropical fruit and is intermingled with lemons.  The length is medium.  Overall, this is a good wine due to its balance and the interest in its fruit, and is available at an attractive price.  86 points (very good)

Abv: 12%
Price: $20
Vendors: Prince Wine Store
Tasted: July 2012

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