Bream Creek Vineyard Pinot Noir 2009

Pinot noir, frustrating grape that it is, was true to form with this wine.  I have a fond recollection of drinking an exemplary bottle of a Bream Creek Vineyard's pinot noir received as a gift, but from a year unhappily unrecorded.  It may have been the 2005.  I naturally hoped that this bottle, spotted in a local independent retailer's store, might gracefully accommodate my expectations.

Break Creek is located roughly due east of Hobart, on a ridge near the Tasman Sea.  It is very cool climate territory if we factor in both latitude (42.8 degrees south) and the cooling effect of the cold sea currents that the equivalent latitudes in Europe do not enjoy care of the warm Gulf Stream current.  The aroma of the 2009 is a quite closed expression of herbs, potpourri and red cherries.  The palate has, not unexpectedly, high acidity, medium length, light tannins, and a softness of mouthfeel that ultimately suggests a lack of structure.  Sweet cherries emerge with time in the glass, tending towards cherry sauce.  Ultimately, a pleasant wine that is good, but does not hit the heights that I was perhaps unreasonably hoping for.

Rating: Good, Abv: not recorded, Price: $33, Vendors You can still buy this wine directly from the winery, Website:, Tasted: 2011

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