Rockford Alicante Bouchet 2010

The esteemed Rockford from the Barossa Valley fashion a rosé each year from the vitis vinifera intra-specific crossing, alicante bouchet.  I don't see a lot of alicante bouchet in the market place, so I am going to suggest that it is not very common.  

So, how's the wine then?  It has its place, though I didn't like it that much.  However, I don't wish to be too critical, as I don't mind some off-dry styles, rosé d'Anjou being one example.  That said, this struck me as a simple wine that warrants only uncritical drinking.  I drank it with an ice cube in the glass.  A grape like aroma, with similar clean flavours on the palate, with its residual sugar evident.  Its redeeming feature is its low alcohol.

Rating: Acceptable, Abv: 10%, 
Price: around $20, Vendors:, Tasted: 2011

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