Wirra Wirra Church Block Cabernet Shiraz Merlot 2009

This wine and I got off to a bit of a bad start, in that I paid $29 for it in far north Queensland, whereas google tells me that it is available at $15. At $15, it is quite a pleasant drop. Black in colour, there is a medium intensity aroma of spice, pepper, plum and Christmas cake. On the palate, pepper, medium acidity, a little short of medium length and at times spiky, but overall balanced, alcohol. Hits its price point and perhaps over achieves a little. 84-85 points.

Abv: 14.5%
Price: $15
Website: http://www.wirrawirra.com/


  1. $29 way over the odds. Whereabouts in far north Queensland. I'm in Bowen and I'm always on the lookout for places to avoid...

  2. Yes, it was an unpleasant surprise! The Central Hotel Bottleshop in Port Douglas. Its selection otherwise seemed broadly ok for the area.