Houghton CW Ferguson Cabernet Malbec 2007 and other thoughts

Somewhere, at some point, I read something nice about a Houghton's wine, now part of the Accolade Wines stable.  That's the sort of rigorous analysis that can pop into the mind when faced with 100 bottles that look the same.  Although on this occasion, I in fact bought the wine because I was feeling grumpy about Bordeaux prices that never go down - even though the Australian dollar is at lifetime highs - and largely it boiled down to revenge on an inanimate object.  Normal.  The wine was a black as night.  It was in fact night when I consumed this wine, but I am fairly certain its blackness was in fact independent of this.  My haste to purchase also led me to miss the region hidden in the middle of the label in capitals, namely "Great Southern".  Which being south of Margaret River, is generally cooler.  And so no surprises, there was some mint on the nose of this cabernet blend.  And cedar.  Mint and I are friends, but not generally in wine.  On the palate, there was a healthy serving of vanilla oak.  By healthy, I mean really obvious.  Medium to "medium plus" acidity, medium tannins and quite good length were there.  But the wine was a touch raw, and maybe a touch unbalanced - the acidity was very pronounced.  But it had enough promise to give it 87 points, as it might "settle down".

Price: $44.90
Abv: 14%
Website: http://www.houghton-wines.com.au/
Great Southern
August 31, 2011


Anonymous said…
Writing in March 2014 I'd say this has now settled down and integrated rather well, and is worth rather more than 87 points - I'd say low 90s would be fairer. I enjoyed a bottle a year ago, and this week it was better still. I think it has another year or two of improvement yet - and I'm very much looking forward to my remaining 4 bottles.
Sean Mitchell said…
I recall this wine, it had promise and some raw youthful edges. I gave away numerical scores a couple of years ago; score inflation I think has distorted its benefit locally, and I felt more comfortable anyway with a descriptive scale. Re-reading my note without the burden of numerical scoring , these days I'd call this wine as "good", perhaps "very good" if its parts came into balance and its promise delivered as you suggest it now has. Your views sound more in that spectrum, which almost confirms to me that it made sense to drop the numbers. Most importantly though I am pleased the wine's developing well!

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