Nepenthe Sauvignon Blanc 2008

I don't drink a lot of sauvignon blanc.  Not because I don't like it - I don't mind it actually.  It just, well, "sav blanc" from Marlborough in particular, can be scarily similar.  It reminds me a little of that "Duff Beer" production plant episode, where the Duff premium and regular brews are all poured out of the same giant vat.   Sorry, unfair, I know - there are many exceptions, and there is certainly no misleading going on.  My point is there is a sameness.  In a random aside, perhaps a more random aside you might say, I also purchased gooseberries a few months back to see whether I could use that descriptor.  My blackcurrant plant did not survive the torrid summer of 09 in the unlikely event that you were aware of this or wondering about it.

Which brings me to this wine, which I really enjoyed.  Nepenthe's Adelaide Hills sauvignon blanc from the 2008 vintage has a riesling like aroma of lime, and gooseberries on the palate is perhaps more correct than the  grassy/passionfruit character I often detect.  This is a really good sauvignon blanc, and something a little different.  Drink now.  86 points.

Abv: 13.5%
Price: $19 (current vintage)

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