Brumfield Shiraz 2006

The Yarra Valley and shiraz sit somewhat uncomfortably together.  Mostly it seems a style in between styles.  Not Sunbury, not Heathcote, not the Grampians, all of which hit higher notes, and certainly not anything from warm or even cool climate South Australia.  But it can sometimes work, very well even.  Yet, mostly I am disappointed by it, if I am to be frank.  This wine was an exception.  2006 appears to have been a very good year in the Yarra Valley, and the generous alcohol of 14.5% on this shiraz would seem to back that up.  Pepper, plums and dark cherries were there by way of aroma.  The palate had almost outstanding length, accompanied with a vanilla oak flavour, which did get a little stronger with time in the glass, but was still not heavy handed.  This is a really good wine.  89 points.

Abv: 14.5%
Price: $24 (current vintage)

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