Wine bloggers in 2011 Decanter power list...

Decanter magazine publishes a biennial "power list", and their latest edition (July 2011) includes the 2011 version.  The use of such a list is not apparent, and a scientific basis expressly disclaimed, so it's pretty airy stuff: "a subjective list of the figures we feel hold the most influence over the direction of the wine world today and how that affects the wine in your glass".  Various CEO types, Robert Parker and Jancis Robinson round out the top 10.  No surprises there.  And then somewhat unexpectedly the "amateur wine blogger" features at no. 16.  Here's an extract of the commentary:

"as social media continues its relentless online spread, everyone is now a critic.  Or, at least, anyone with basic computer literacy.  The ease of both setting up blogs and joining online conversations about wine means that consumers are now able to share information and opinions with each other as never before - all the time diluting the importance of the professional critic.  As wine markets such as the US continue to mature, so consumers will come to better trust their own judgement - and that of their peers.  Online commentary has empowered consumers in a way that print media struggles to, and the upshot is a world of rapidly evolving views and insights which are increasingly becoming a key reference point - and forum - with which winemakers and producers can engage."

Now, I'm not sure wine blogs have achieved this level of influence in Australia to date, but at least from my point of view, they are more relevant and informative than ever.  And having previously defended the wine blogging genre against some barbs published last year in Winestate in Australia (and so there's not much point in re-hashing my arguments again here), it's nice to see some printed commentary, however airy, suggesting the opposite.  I'll go a little further and suggest that rejecting the value of wine blogs and wine related social media is becoming something of a quixotic pursuit.  Irrelevant even.
Wine Thoughts
June 13, 2011


Anonymous said…
Have to say that Australian blogger do have a big influence. When someone is travelling to visit Australia's wineregions they most like search blog related to Autralian wine and it's culture. It is much cheaper and faster than start browsing winebooks from last century. Atleast that's how I feel and that's how I did it.

Sean Mitchell said…
Well, I am biased, but hard to disagree with that!


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