Bordeaux en primeur 2010: some prices in Australia

It's that time of the year when Bordeaux en primeur offers start rolling in.  This year I put together a table showing the ex negociant price converted at spot from Euros to Australian dollars of 10 wines and compared this to an average of the en primeur prices that I have seen offered retail in Australia to date for those same wines.

While it may not be possible for retail wine consumers to buy these wines at their ex negociant price and taxes and shipping play their part, to put it somewhat politely, for a product that is already increasingly expensive in Europe, Australia perhaps isn't the place to find bargain Bordeaux.

Ex negoc
A$ at spot
Av Aus price

Chateau Beychevelle
54 €
 $      73.00
 $        148.33

Chateau Cantemerle
21 €
 $      28.39
 $         59.00

Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste
57.60 €
 $      77.87
 $        155.33

Chateau Gruaud Larose
45 €
 $      60.84
 $        123.25

Chateau Haut Batailley
27.50 €
 $      37.18
 $         76.75

Chateau Leoville Barton
72 €
 $      97.34
 $        197.33

Chateau Pichon Baron
132 €
 $   178.45
 $        342.50

Chateau Pontet Canet
100 €
 $   135.19
 $        287.50

Chateau Sociando Mallet
22.50 €
 $      30.42
 $         61.66

Chateau Talbot
39.60 €
 $      53.54
 $        109.50

Basket price
 $   772.20
 $     1,561.16

June 20, 2011


sur_lie said…
Not sure how representative these wines or prices are. I've bought my by-the-bottle en primeur wines for roughly 1.8 x the euro ex neg price, which is pretty good allowing for shopping and taxes etc. And pontet canet was over €130 for first tranche.
Sean Mitchell said…
Interesting. The Oz prices were sourced from the websites of Langtons, Prince Wine Store, Europa Cellars and Nicks Wine Merchant. Not all of them imported all of the wines. The ex negociant prices, including Pontet Canet, were sourced from Live-ex. I chose the bottles because I know them, rather than to prove any particular point. So it sounds like you are on to a good thing! I would love to know from whom.
sur_lie said…
I occasionally pick things up through - they seem to get a small allocation of interesting wines (like Head Contrarian) as well as excess / returned stock which goes cheap. They also do single bottle en primeur. The prices are as good as I've found anywhere in Aus, though I agree we do seem to pay more than we should, just maybe not as much as above. I think they're loosely connected to wine ark, fwiw. Ask for Brett, if you get a choice, and if he's worried that you're spying on prices, tell him Fletcher recommended him. That should hopefully get me a bonus somewhere...
sur_lie said…
Oh, and I get most of my price info I think liv-ex prices are in GB pounds, not euros.
Sean Mitchell said…
Cheers, thank you! FYI, Liv-ex has current prices in GBP, and ex negociant prices in Euros at

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