Chateau Moulinet 1975

I thought I was pretty clever buying this wine at auction for about $30.  I wasn't.  It was corked.  How corked you say?  More scary I say than even the "the silence" in last week's Dr Who episode.  I almost, and by almost I mean that I did not at all, got out the statutory consumer rights section of the trade practices legislation to attempt to work out our consumer rights against auction houses.

Price: around $30
Abv: Not stated!
Bottle size: 73cl!
Would I buy it having tasted it?  Who knows, it was corked.

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  1. Sean,

    I've purchased a few old bottles from auction houses myself over the years, and pre-consumption, under paranoia, I've often considered the legalities of what to do with a faulty one.

    I'd find it hard to believe the auction house could be at fault with old bottles of wine (buyer beware really) , so, under worst circumstances, I've contemplated contacting the winery direct or perhaps even a 'supermarket chain' retailer (who often replace bottles without even assessing them in some of my experiences) were I in need of compensation, but have been too worried the winery might tell me; "maybe you shouldn't have held onto it that long", or the retailer might tell me; "we didn't even stock that wine back then."

    You're certainly not alone in your curiosity towards the issue Sean. :)

    Chris P

  2. Thanks mate - we have certainly gone through a similar reasoning process, and reached similar conclusions. And sorry in advance, now I can't help looking some things up :) Interestingly, well possibly I am not using the word "interestingly" in its ordinary sense, it seems that the purpose of the new rules under the Competition and Consumer legislation around online auctions is that "Consumer guarantees will not apply to auctions where an auctioneer is acting as an agent for the seller of goods. Businesses that sell goods directly to consumers via auction websites will be required to provide consumers with the same guarantees that apply if goods were sold in a shop". I imagine that might be interesting if an auction house was selling its own stock or didn't purport to act as an agent. In full agreement with you, the short answer I suspect will remain bad news if you buy a dud.



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