Yellow Tail Merlot 2010

Yellow Tail has been spectacularly successful, particularly in the United States.  On the one hand, I quite admire tall poppys, and the contribution this company must inevitably make to the livelihood of many growers and others involved in it.  On the other hand, I'm not going to try to guess what it is that makes this label so successful or why other people might like it.  Instead, I prefer to judge wine solely on whether I like it or not.

Things started really quite well.  This merlot has quite an attractive aroma of plums and spices.  The palate though disappointed - it's just too sweet for me - with apparent residual sugar in the blend.  It reminded me a little of those red raspberry lollies one finds in the "party mix" variety bags.  That said, the label does in fact say that the wine has a flavour of "sweet plums", so no-one is misled.  It holds together "ok", but it's not what I like to drink.  79 points (6.4/10)

Abv: 13.5%
Price: $9.99
Source: sample
Would I buy it having tasted it?  No
South Eastern Australia
April 18, 2011

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