Henschke Lenswood Abbotts Prayer Merlot 1998

Henschke's Lenswood Abbotts Prayer 1998 merlot is a blend of 86% merlot, 10% cabernet sauvignon and 4% cabernet franc.  Here is a link to the winery's notes on the wine, which uses the word "exceptional" a couple of times.  While the wine is good, I didn't find it exceptional.  It has an aroma of eucalyptus, herbs and leaves.  On the palate, there are plum and similar herbal flavours.  It's a pleasant wine, but it's a bit leafy for my taste in merlot, and there are better examples out there, particularly for the price.  85 points (7/10)

Abv: 14.2%
Price: $80
Would I buy it having tasted it?  No
Website: http://www.henschke.com.au

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