Blain Gagnard Caillerets Premier Cru 1996

Unfortunately, this wine was terrible.  I am told that some people are more sensitive than others to sulphide aromas, and I am regrettably one of them.  The sulphide aroma was so intense that the prospect of actually tasting the wine, to me, seemed about as likely as wishing to drink a cup of detergent.  My brain screamed "no".  But I did eventually taste it, and the palate was better, dominated by lemon rind and with a little length, reminding me of a Chablis, which this was not.  I am told in Australia that frequently a second winemaker will taste the wines so that inadvertent (if the maker is not sensitive to sulphides) mistakes such as this can be avoided.  Smart idea.  65 points.  (5/10)

Abv: 13%
Price: around $75
Would I buy it having tasted it?  No

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