Jamsheed Pepé le Pinot Pinot Noir 2010

Jamsheed is a rather cool producer right now and this is the first of their wines that I've tried.  The colour is promising out of the bottle: not too dark, not too light, and with that slightly pleasing opaqueness that suggests the wine has not been filtered.  (I don't know whether the wine in fact has been filtered).  The aroma is good: sappy, herby and with a touch of spices.  The palate is very delicate, light and soft with not, it must be said, a lot of persistence on the palate.  It is not a fine wine, but at circa $20 you would not expect it to be.  Its fragrance, and elegance and delicacy on the palate was something I quite enjoyed.  84 points.

Price: about $22
Would I buy it having tasted it?  Yes
Website: http://www.jamsheed.com.au/

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