Rymill Cabernet Sauvignon 2000

I had 2 funny bottles of this in a row.  The first bottle had an aroma of dried herbs, plums, but a touch of cork taint.  Faint, but fatal.  The palate had black fruit flavours, but then like all tainted wines, it was hard to see through the veil of the taint.  On to the second bottle then.  This one was completely different, with an aroma that was unexpected: jammy, pippy and grassy.  It reminded me of tasting soupy newborn wine out of a barrel.  The palate was pleasant, with plum notes.  In all, I'm not sure which bottle is the "real wine", or more probably, neither.  Technical details from the winery can be found at this link.  (Abv: 13.9%, Rating: Acceptable, Tasted: January 2011)


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