Majella Wines Merlot 2008

Merlot is a variety that Australia struggles with, and I am fussy with. I've had a few good, even outstanding, Australian examples (and from Coonawarra), but consistency seems rare. I've tried this wine twice now. The first time the wine wasn't that good. It had an aroma of tomato stalks and a touch of "green". The palate did have some length on it, but at the time, not enough to redeem its aroma. The second bottle however was excellent, tried almost a year later and purchased retail in the tropics in far north Queensland. Perhaps it opened up the wine. This time the wine had an aroma of redcurrants, spices, oak, blueberry and herbs. Unattractive tomato stalks were nowhere to be seen. Perhaps swimming. On the palate, good to very good length, mint, medium acidity and medium tannins. 83 points for the first bottle, 89 points for the second. Abv: 14% Price: $28 Website:

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