Chateau Latour 1997

Life definitely could be worse than sitting down to any bottle of Chateau Latour.  Upon sniffing the long cork, it was immediately apparent that this wine would be brilliant.  The 1997 had an aroma of blackcurrants and spices which settled down to an amazing pencil box fragrance, that simply wafted across the glass.  The palate had length, length and more length - the type that fills the entire mouth, yet doesn't overpower it.  Just right.  Tannins were still evident, showing this wine has many years left in it.  The delicious blackcurrants on the palate also seemed to melt in the mouth - almost in a Belgian chocolate kind of way, which is not a quality I've encountered in a wine before.  So everything was just right, seemingly somehow designed with my personal preferences in mind.  I'd give it an even higher score if I wasn't aware that there are many more fabled vintages than the modest 1997.  My theory of stick to good wine producers in average vintages in Bordeaux certainly holds true for this wine.  100 points.

Abv: 13%
Price: around $300

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