Bass Phillip Reserve Pinot Noir 2008

At last, I was given the opportunity to taste Bass Phillip's Reserve pinot noir from south Gippsland.  I find Bass Phillip's hierarchy of wines a bit non-intuitive, but for the record, it is pinot noir (around $70), then premium pinot noir (mid $100s), then the reserve pinot noir.

This wine is by far the best pinot noir I've tasted from an Australian producer, but it is also the most expensive.  The 2008 vintage had a sappy aroma, that I can only describe as multi-layered and intriguing.  The palate had good length and depth with silky, cherry notes.  A completly intriguing, interesting and high quality wine that demands to be drunk.  95 points.

Abv: 13%
Price: around $350 (the 2009 is available at

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