Vinturi Wine Aerator

In terms of susceptibility to wine accessories, I rate myself a "medium": owner of various decanters (some good, some expensive yet uncleanable), cork screws of varying abilities and a few Riedel glasses, but that's about it.  In this case, the test subject was Vinturi's "wine aerator", which is targetted as a more efficient version of a decanter. 

So did it work?  The test subject was a young Barossa shiraz (Thorn Clark Sandpiper 2008 Shiraz).  I really rather doubted there'd be any discernable difference.  The result though was pretty obvious and largely the opposite.  The "aerated" wine had a more pronounced aroma (twiggy notes seemingly removed), and the palate appeared more fruit forward and interesting.  Colour me surprised.  A second test on a youngish but structured Yarra Valley cabernet (Seville Hill 2004) yielded a similar result, though less pronounced on the palate .  Over time the differences between the aerated and non-aerated glasses did converge (as might be expected with exposure to oxygen), and I don't generally decant older wines so didn't test it on one, but this device would appear to do very quickly what it is designed to do.

Price: $65
Source: sample

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  1. I actually had the opportunity to test one of these devices myself a few months ago and was going to post an opinion piece, but you beat me to it! Oh well, I'll just find an alternative angle..... :)

    I tested them with wines which had been poured through the Vinturi, as well as not poured (out the same bottle of course), and I'd have to agree with you Sean - it does make a notable difference. However, I didn't feel it genuinely replicates decanting/time, but I think it should be essential at restaurants etc. where time is paramount.

    What I would've like to of seen though Sean, would be 2 or 3 of these lined up in a row somehow, with the wine then poured through the top one, syphoned 2 or 3 times, and then poured into a decanter. Now that would've been interesting!

    One question I must ask of the Vinturi wine aerator though; is there any real need for a red AND a white one?

    Chris P

  2. Thanks Chris - reassuring to know that I wasn't on completely the wrong track. I must admit I too was a bit surprised to find a white one as well on their website!


  3. I have used the Vinturi for both red and white wines and find it works fantastically well with a Chardonnay and an aged Riesling on the white front and pretty much all reds. Well worth the investment I'd say.


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