Angus the Bull Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

At a time when regionality is fast becoming accepted wisdom, it is perhaps brave to have on the shelf a "South Eastern Australia" wine retailing for around $25.  It would want to be good.  This wine unfortunately was not to my palate: it had a leafy varietal aroma, but a plain taste somewhat reminiscent of tomato stalks.  Uninteresting.  76 points.

Abv: 14.5%
Price: $23.99 (I've quoted Vintage Cellar's single bottle price; it frustrates me that they give such prominence to their "dozen" price in advertising)
Source: retail (Vintage Cellars)

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South Eastern Australia


  1. Gotta say I completely agree with your comments re VC. VC is fairly skint here in Adelaide these days (I think there's only 1 store left!) but I still receive their catalogues via post. How many times I've picked up one of those catalogues to read '$56 - d'Arenberg Dead Arm!' but then only to read in the fine print - 'single bottle price $80' - get outta here!

  2. Chris, thank you: I remember seeing that exact wine advertised sub $60, and then thinking exactly the same thing when I read the fine print!



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