Grosset Polish Hill Riesling 1997

Here's another review of an icon Australian wine, again tasted blind. The 1997 tasted was bottled under cork, and there was a little bit of variability between the bottles. The 1997 vintage is now deeply coloured with an aroma of toasted honeyed bread and a kerosene like note. The palate was similar, with a refined balance. A very good wine, though I would have preferred it slightly younger and fresher in this case. 86 points.



  1. Sean

    Having worked my way through a case of the 1997, I think there is an element of understatement when you write "there was a little bit of variability between bottles". From my experience, 1 in 3 had to be thrown away as undrinkable, 1 in 3 was heavily oxidised but still drinkable (just) and 1 in 3 was superb and made up for the other 2 in 3. Long live stelvin.

  2. Thank you - we had only 2 bottles on the table for this tasting, so I didn't want to generalise too much about variability, but a case is pretty darn convincing.