Claymore Wines Grenache Mataro Shiraz 2008

I reviewed this wine at two points in time - first on opening and then one day later, with the wine being exposed to some, but not much, oxygen in the intervening period.  On opening, the wine had an aroma of bright fruit and lavender with a slight candied note, and a pleasant palate with a bit of length that held its 15%av. I thought this a quite good example of this Southern Rhone style from the Clare Valley.  When I returned to it one day later, things were quite different.  The wine displayed a rather porty, raisiny aroma with more than a wiff of alcohol and was largely unpleasant to drink - the sink called out, we had a short conversation, and it prevailed.  An exercise in oxidation perhaps, but I was not expecting such a rapid deterioration in one day.  Day 1: 83 points.  Day 2: 51 points.
Clare Valley
May 14, 2010

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