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Friday, July 25, 2014

Pig in the House Organic Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

This is a pretty good cabernet sauvignon release too from "Pig in the House" in Cowra.  It has aromatics of fresh blueberry and pepper.  The palate has flavours reminding of blueberry, spice and plum and is balanced with a slight chalkiness.  The primary fruit characters of this wine are really rather bright and pure, and it appeals.

Rating: Good, Abv: 13.5%, Price: $25, Source: sample, Vendors: http://www.wine-searcher.com/, Website: http://www.piginthehouse.com.au, Tasted: 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Legendary Australian wine

Interest in some of the greatest names in twentieth century Australian wine would appear to be growing.  Certainly, it is something I am increasingly taking an interest in.  This month sees a local auction with the famous Woodley's "Skeleton" Treasure Chest Series Coonawarra 1956 and Woodley's "The Galatea" Treasure Chest Series Coonawarra 1955 each with current bids of $1,500.

I'll endeavour to dig out the history of these wines.  It seems easier to find tasting notes and rhapsodies rather than  the specifics of the viticulture and winemaking!  If you have these to hand though, please do chime in.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rockford Rod & Spur Cabernet Shiraz 2011

The poor 2011 vintage seems to have detoured around Rockford's vineyards with this new release too.  The 2011 Rod & Spur is a blend of 54% cabernet and 46% shiraz from the Barossa Valley, and has aromatics that remind initially of wet bouquet garni and charred wood, before settling to reveal pepper, spice and plum in even proportions.  The palate sees light tannins and flavours reminding of plum, cedar, pepper and spice, improving with air.  There is a harmony on the finish, which is relatively long.  Overall, this is a balanced and relatively elegant Rod & Spur that will suit drinking now, but may improve further.  Decanting for at least 20 minutes before serving is suggested, as the wine showed noticeable improvement in the glass.

Rating: Good, Abv: 14.5%, Price: $30s, Vendors: http://www.wine-searcher.com/, Website: http://www.rockfordwines.com.au, Tasted: 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

Pig in the House Organic Shiraz 2013

First, a couple of thoughts.  The first is a response to the question: where's Cowra?  The answer is that the Cowra wine region is a relatively new wine region situated roughly south west of Orange in New South Wales and (much further) north of Canberra.  It has a warm, dry and continental growing climate and altitudes of around 300 to 380 metres.

The second is the reference to "organic" on the label.  The word evokes "caution" in my mind when it comes to wine, despite being generally partial otherwise to organics (provided of course it's "better").  I am aware this is not a particularly logical position to take.  Doubly so given that the word "biodynamic" does not engender the same caution in my mind.  Paradoxically the latter is of course a far more extreme and some would argue more hocus pocus version of viticulture than organics.  Probably I rather suspect it is because the early organic wines I tried simply weren't particularly good - more organic as an excuse, rather than a reason for quality.  But I digress.

This organic wine however from "Pig in the House" is nothing like that; it is very good indeed.  This is a very rich and pure fruited expression of shiraz, with aromatics reminding of dark plum, pepper and dark cherry.  These flavours carry through to the palate and there is relatively long length on the finish to round things out.  Overall, this is a very good release of a full bodied, full flavour style of shiraz.

Rating: Very Good, Abv: 14%, Price: $25, Source: sample, Vendors: http://www.wine-searcher.com/, Website: http://www.piginthehouse.com.au, Tasted: 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pezat Bordeaux Supérieur 2011

Pezat is a blend of 85% merlot and 15% cabernet franc and is produced by Chateau Teyssier, which is a Saint-Émilion Grand Cru.  The Pezat from the 2011 vintage has a certain elegance and class to it.  It has aromatics of bright blackcurrant, cedar and juicy blackberry.  The palate has some deli meat and leather characters and, with air, redcurrant, plum and blackberry flavours emerge.  This is an elegant, balanced and enjoyable wine that can be approached now or over the next few years and is recommended.  It will benefit from at least 20 minutes in a decanter.

Rating: Good, Abv: 13%, Price: $46, Source: sample, Vendors: http://www.cesoirwine.com/, Website: http://www.teyssier.fr, Tasted: 2014
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